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If your questions have not been addressed by the following, please contact us.

  • What is a certified Arborist?

    A certified arborist is an individual that has either completed a 6000 hour apprenticeship that includes a 6 month period in a college program approved by the Ontario ministry of training colleges and universities or an individual that has completed the international society of arboriculture arborist program, both of which are voluntary trades.

  • Why hire a certified arborist?

    When you hire an arborist, you know you are hiring individuals that have received proper training and have the tools and skills necessary to do your tree work in a safe fashion. An arborist is also taught about the biology of trees and understands the effects of the work to be completed. Lastly, you know you are dealing with someone who has at least 3 years of experience.

    Properly maintained trees are attractive and add considerable value to your property. Once your trees have been improperly pruned they cannot be repaired and could be basically destroyed, creating both personal and financial loss.

  • How much will my tree cost?

    No two trees are ever alike and neither are the properties that they are growing on. There are many factors to consider. What equipment will be used? What obstacles are there? What is being done with the tree material and what is involved in removing it? Because of these factors, an onsite estimate must be performed. Estimates are always free.

  • What can I do to keep the costs down?

    You can do many things as the property owner to minimize the costs. It is important to tell your estimator that you are or are not interested in being involved in some of these processes.

    • Sometimes fences must be taken down and put back up
    • Usually turf damage occurs when bringing down large trees. There are steps that can be taken to reduce this. How important is this to you? Do you need all material cleaned up and removed (i.e.stump grindings, saw dust, fire wood)
    • Does your tree require use of your neighbour's property? Have you spoken to them, or have permission?
    • Do you have a lot of yard furniture and lawn ornaments? Will you remove them prior to to work being done?
    • Do you allow trucks on your property?
    • Pricing is based on time required to do your work, and the more you can do to co-operate in this process the lower the price will be.
  • When is the best time of year to prune my trees?

    Although tree work can be completed on a year round basis without risking your tree's health, dead wooding and shaping jobs are best done when tree is in full foliage.

  • How do you
    remove tree stumps?

    Generally tree stumps are ground down six to eight inches below grade. At Redick Professional Tree Care we take pride in doing a proper stump grinding job that removes your entire root flare (the hump the stump grows from) below grade allowing your yard to be flat when finished rather than having a hill in your yard with a hole in it. Stumps can be ground deeper upon request but will incur additional cost if not already quoted for.

  • Do I need to call for locates?

    Ontario One Call handles all the utility locates in our area. It is best to let the contractor doing the job to handle this. It is important to remember Ontario One call only handles public utilities, not your private underground installs. It is important to tell your estimator if you have buried gas lines, watering systems or electrical lines etc.

  • Do you grind out surface roots?

    All surface roots in the root flare area will be ground out. Please tell your estimator if you would like additional surface roots ground out beyond your stump.

  • Can I plant a new tree on top of my stump?

    Yes you can although it is not recommended. The success of this varies on how large the tree is to be planted. Please tell your estimator if this is your intention because it generally requires deeper grinding.

  • Do you carry insurance and W.S.I.B?

    Yes we do. We carry five million dollars liability insurance and W.S.I.B. on all employees. Proof of insurance and a W.S.I.B. clearance can be sent to you upon request