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Tree Removal and Emergency Services

24 Hour Emergency Service

Tree Removal

Although regrettable, there are many reasons why a tree must be removed. With years of experience Redick Professional Tree Care can help you with this decision by providing you with the information needed. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Suffering from decay? ie: hollow trunk, mushrooms and conks growing from tree trunk/ root area
  • Liability...does the tree pose a risk to people and or property?
  • Has the tree outgrown the area it is in?
  • Replacement
  • New construction...is the tree in area of building or too close to newly constructed property? Will the tree survive the construction process?
  • Has the tree been storm damaged beyond saving?
  • Fear factor...is the tree keeping you awake at night?

Whatever the reason, Redick Professional Tree Care has the experience and knowledge to complete the job with minimal impact on surrounding landscapes and property.


24 Hour
Emergency Service

Equipped with our own 60 foot bucket truck. Redick Professional Tree Care can deal with your emergency situation FAST minimizing further damage due to a tree failure.

Equipment for Every Situation

Backyard man lift with a 35” width and a 60’ capability. Through your narrowest gate for your tallest tree. Our equipment is maneuverable that we can even reach your trees from your neighbors yard if necessary.

Brush Chipping And Stump Grinding

Cutting down your own tree? Equipped with 12 inch capacity brush chipper, large and small stump grinders Redick Professional Tree Care can deal with your unwanted brush and stumps. We can handle brush from 12” to 18”